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Summer + Jon Say ” I Do”

There are so many beautiful things I could say about Jon and Summer and it still wouldn’t be enough. Their kindness, inclusion, sincerity and pure love they put out into the world should be a lesson for each and every one of us to follow. Watching these two high school sweethearts say “I Do” will forever be considered one of the greatest honors in my career.

Through all of the trials that 2020 had thrown at them and the many twists and turns, these two handled it with such grace and love and positivity. They showed us all that even when plans change, your wedding is rescheduled, your guest list is cut in half– that there is love and that is all that truly matters.

As the day went on–I listened to their family and friends speak about their pride, memories and love for the two of them and their sweet boy. I was brought to tears many times as the words of their loved ones spilled from their hearts. There were so many wonderful things shared about the journey that they have shared, the support they received and the many friendships they made along the way. Summer and Jon went out of their way many times throughout the day to acknowledge how thankful and blessed they were to be surrounded by such love and light.

As the sun set, and we wrapped our day of work– I felt such a lightness. Such a feeling of thanks for simply just being a witness to the love that they share with not only each other but to everyone around them, and that, my friends, is worth more than all the gold in the world. I know, for a fact, that whatever life has to offer for the Baumstarks that it will be beautiful. I know that life will offer them grace and promise and hope–just as they offer the world. Congratulations, my friends– here’s to a happy life.

Vendor love

Dress- Maggie Sottero | Florist- Seitters Market | Wedding Venue- Sweet Clover Farms | DJ- Ben Woodruff | Videography- Kirsten Leimkeuhler | Cake- Seitters Market | Hair and Make Up- Mackenzie Krull and Megan Talley |

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